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Database Details
Please refer to the ID AU-NZ-001 whenever using data from this particular database
The system of the IDs is explained in Dengler et al. (2011, J. Veg. Sci. 22: 582-597).
Registered since:2010-09-03
Last update:2015-03-15
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A concise verbal outline which kind of data are collected (i.e. criteria for inclusion)
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Other contents:
Availability of the data in your database for interested persons
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Other contents/functionalities of the online platform (other than plot data)
State of the database.
planned: There are concrete plans to establish a database of the given scope, but no vegetation-plots are included so far. This category allows the announcement of projects in order to facilitate research cooperation and avoid double work.
emerging: The database exists in a preliminary version (e.g. reduced functionality or in a database system deviating from the one planned for the final database) and contains only few vegetation-plots so far.
ongoing capture: The database is fully functional and data are added continuously, but only a fraction of the data within the scope is captured so far.
completed and continuing: The database is fully functional and the vast majority of past data within the scope have already been captured; now basically only newly made vegetation-plots are added.
finished: The database is available but there are no longer activities to add further data. "